I’ve spent much of the past three decades travelling, exploring and photographing wildlife and wild places.  It’s been an immense pleasure and privilege to view and capture images of all manner of creatures from the Arctic to Antarctica.  My adventures and travels have seen me ski across the Greenland icecap, sail among gargantuan icebergs, explore uninhabited tropical islands, marvel at the night sky in the Gobi Desert and along the way meet and share my journey with an extraordinary array of, talented, inquisitive and generous souls.

Photography is a lifelong passion for me.  I started out in the 1980s with my trusty Pentax K1000 shooting black and white film and have since graduated to today’s high performance digital cameras.  While the technology has changed, the essence of what makes a compelling image has not.   Photography is still very much about observing life, light and nature, telling stories and in the process connecting with our subject, be it nature, people or something else.

I love sharing my passion for nature, adventure and photography with others.  It gives me a huge thrill to help people to capture compelling images, to unlock latent creativity and to connect more deeply with nature and the world around us.

portrait of David Sinclair
photo by Dave Brosha

I hope my images inspire you to connect with nature
and wish you the very best on your creative journey.

Contact me info@davidsinclairimages.com

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