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I love sharing my passion for nature, adventure and photography with others.  It gives me a huge thrill to help people to capture compelling images, to unlock latent creativity and to connect more deeply with nature and the world around us.


I hope my images inspire you to connect with nature and wish you the very best on your creative journey.


  • Close to Home
    2021 is shaping up as the first full calendar year I will have spent in Australia since 1992. In fact it is shaping up to be a year in which I spend 363 days in Tasmania (my only flight a quick hop to Melbourne for…
  • LuX-Mag 6 Questions
    Rather than share some of my views on the blog for this post I’ll share an interesting Q&A I did recently with Lux-Mag, an excellent publication with a beautiful aesthetic combining art, culture and the environment. Here’s the link: https://www.lux-mag.com/6-questions-david-sinclair/
  • Aurora Australis
    Any keen aurora chaser will tell you… you need to watch the data, the cloud cover forecast, the moon phase and do your location scouting before it’s dark. By getting the planning and preparation right the execution becomes a lot easier. For Aurora chasers In…


Wherever you are in the world I can help you on your photographic journey via one-one-one live tuition sessions. Whether you are new to photography or are an experienced photographer and are seeking specific direction or feedback I can tailor a sessions or sessions to meet your needs and help you develop the confidence and skills to get the most out of your gear, tell more compelling stories through your images and unlock latent creativity.

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