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I love sharing my passion for nature, adventure and photography with others.  It gives me a huge thrill to help people to capture compelling images, to unlock latent creativity and to connect more deeply with nature and the world around us.


I hope my images inspire you to connect with nature and wish you the very best on your creative journey.


  • PP&E
    I’d like to talk about a different kind of PP&E. Planning, Preparation and Execution. In my three careers, (lawyer, polar expedition leader and photographer) I’ve found PP&E critical to achieving great results. I took this shot yesterday two minutes after arriving on location, however, the…
  • FINDING top tips
    I have an ever-growing list of skills to master in photography. Sometimes I find it difficult to find online sources that help me learn quickly and confidently.   I spend a fair bit of time scrolling through Youtube videos and websites looking for information about…
  • Life intervenes
    I was planning to write something different for my next blog post but life intervened in a big way. The week before last I took off on a road trip to scout locations and to capture some of the beauty of Tasmania’s stunning North East…


Wherever you are in the world I can help you on your photographic journey via one-one-one live tuition sessions. Whether you are new to photography or are an experienced photographer and are seeking specific direction or feedback I can tailor a sessions or sessions to meet your needs and help you develop the confidence and skills to get the most out of your gear, tell more compelling stories through your images and unlock latent creativity.

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